Think Outside-the-Box. Free RFP Webinar.

August 25, 2009 at 12:08 pm (Thinking Outside-The-Box)

I’ve been talking with a possible client to do some consulting work on their social media website. Initially they would like to draft a RFP (Request For Proposal) to get the core technology in place.

 A RFP is where you outline the work you need a third party to perform and ask them to detail how they will preform the work and why they are the best at fulfilling your needs. In the procurement process you also identify how you will rank and qualify the bid responses from the RFP.

 As I searched my templates, looked online, and contact peers, I soon realized that there is no perfect RFP. Why? Because the people drafting the RFP know only their high level needs, usually as an outsider to the technology in question.

 Which got me thinking Outside-the-Box, who would be the best person to draft an RFP?

 Well, the service provider! The service provider receives RFP’s almost on a daily basis. Responding to RFP’s is very time and resource expensive. So what if the service provider could answer less RFPs and get twice the business? How could they do this?

 They could achieve this increase in bids offered by reviewing the RFPs they have already received and combine those into a best practices webinar for businesses who are looking to employ the services that the service provider offers.

 A free webinar would be a very valuable resource for those needing to form one. By eliminating this road-block and decreasing a company’s time to complete an RFP, you increase the ramp-up time which means more business for the service provider.

 The drafter of this webinar will automatically be considered for the Proposal because of the inherent value created, if not end up being the default, go-to service provider for entrepreneurs.

 So, web providers, get busy with the RFP webinar. My business and money awaits you.

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