The Case Against Social Media – Part I

August 18, 2009 at 10:24 am (Internet) (, , , , )

Updated: 9-15-09 Changed “business tool” to “advertising vehicle”

I have been an opponent of social media as a business tool advertising vehicle because of the lack of ROI and the time and effort it takes. It’s a time suck and as a business owner you only have so much time in a day to do the things you really need to do.

Social media has a huge opportunity cost.

 This was my belief until I sat in on a seminar by Kurt Ballard of Zig Zag media. He used an example that may change my belief, or at least refined it.

 I still hold fast from the small business perspective. However, I might have a change of heart for the mega giant company’s point of view. But I still have some research to do so don’t quote me on that.



  1. Hugo Messer said,

    Hi Michael,

    it does make sense :). I read a lot about social media and most people are very positive, but I do agree with you that the ROI is not clear.

    The graph above is more valid for people trying to sell something directly on the net in my opinion. I do believe that social media can help you build your brand, especially in business to business. It can help you achieve credibility, spread the word about your company and update your (prospective) customers on subject that are intereseting to them.

    I hope you’ll elaborate a bit more on these thoughts, cause I like the insights of social media opponents!


  2. Michael said,

    Hugo, thanks for checking out my article. I appreciate the feedback.

    I’ll elaborate on my 80/20 rule. I do believe that social media has it’s place and my 80/20 rule does not rule it out. As you take care of SEO, PPC, and other aspects of your site and or business model, then those efforts may require less work in the future, which will re-arrange your 80/20 workload. Social Media may pop up at that time where the payoff is greater than the effort.

    The best social media success story as a business tool, and really the only one I have heard of, is Twitter, but not in the way you will think. A company was using Tweetdeck to listen to consumers as they either bragged or complained about their product. It gave the company a chance to see their weaknesses and then immediately fix those, turning the aggravated into evangelists.

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