Webinar: Interpersonal Effectiveness for Project Success

August 13, 2009 at 2:44 pm (Webinars) (, , , )

Updated 9-24-9. This webinar has passed. Click here to view the archieved Webinar.

Join me as I fatten my brain up with this Webinar from Corporate Education Group and Boston University.

The Missing Link: Interpersonal Effectiveness for Project Success

“Do you have any idea why project success rates are at the lowest they’ve been in over a decade? One reason may be that many project managers and project team members need help with building, leading, and positively influencing unified, high-performing project teams. In this session, hosted by Corporate Education Group, you’ll learn why interpersonal effectiveness delivers project success…and how you can have both!”row of computers

Key learning points from this webinar include:

•Increase buy-in from team members and stakeholders by understanding the connection between trust, conflict, and accountability

•Understand how to develop and maintain accountability with project team members and stakeholders

•Learn to influence project participants on all levels of the project who do not directly report to you including: clients, team members, stakeholders, vendors

About the presenter: Eileen Twichell is a dynamic and accomplished presenter and is highly regarded in the project management community for her expertise and knowledge of the field. She brings to you over twenty years of project management training and design experience and has developed and facilitated classes in project management, time management, presentation skills, coaching, and communications.

Register Here

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