Why Hire a PMP (or me for that matter).

July 29, 2009 at 5:51 pm (Why Hire Me) (, , )

Why hire a PMP?

In the March 2009 issue of PM Network, Skillsoft reports that 26% of U.S. and European IT workers said they were without proper training to take on the project management tasks for which they were assigned.

 Hiring from within is the most cost effective method of hiring. However, over the long term, the cost over run associated with a delayed project or run away costs may not justify such a hire unless more expensive training is invested into that employee to bring him or her up to the project management level.

 By hiring a PMP (project management professional) you increase the odds that your projects will come in on time and under budget which saves you money. The PMP cert says that you are getting personel with atleast a minimuim standard of project management methodolody training and atleast 4,500 hours of project management experience.

 Why hire me?

 Enrique Sevilla Molina, PMP of Indra Sistemas said in the March 2009 issue of PM Network.“We believe project managers must understand and look at their projects as if they were running their own business.” It’s my belief that engineers and business execs see projects differently.

Having started and run two small businesses I come from the understanding that projects attempt to add a competitive advantage to your company in one way or another.

 The Skillsoft study (from above) said that 72% of the respondents believed that BOTH business and technical skills are equally import for the success of IT projects. Simply put, most programmers don’t have business knowledge or skills. It’s easier to learn the high level technical knowledge of say Oracle, than it is to understand the business motive behind the IT project. I have the business aptitude. The technical side, I can quickly learn that. What it takes to run a successful business (or project)? You have to live that.


  1. Joe Jarrett said,

    I like it. Up front and (in a nice way) in your face. “I can help you. Hire me!”

    I’ve linked to you on my new blog from the ChipCorder Guy.

    • Michael said,

      Thanks Joe, that’s what I was going, direct, but polite. Can’t wait to check out your blog.

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