RG Life Cycle –Lessons Learned – Stakeholder Analysis

July 23, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Ravin Graphics)

Ravin Graphics Project Life Cycle

Ravin Graphics Project Life Cycle

 With Ravin Graphics I did more doing than planning, even though I had a complete business plan with pro forma statements, original consumer research, and a long lead time (I was still in college when the idea came to me). You might say I had the WBS complete, but beyond that I was rolling wave planning.

 The chart shows exactly how I went about the project. Blue events are major milestones. The red event is the project due date. As you can see this date was missed and missing this date was detrimental to the success of Ravin’ Graphics.

 My Uncle always said that anything that goes wrong is your fault. From the PMI perspective I did not consult enough stakeholders to ensure a successful project completion.

 I see now that I should have hired on a consultant who had gone thru the collegiate licensing process already. I had the money, but not the wisdom (I was just out of college.). But someone who had already been thru the process licensing process could have told me that it was loaded with red tape and delays. Lessons learned.


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